Successful Living is a non-profit organization serving persons 18 years and older who are chronically mentally ill. We help individuals find their path to mental health recovery. Our program encourages the development of skills and support which are vital to living fully and independently in our community. Services at Successful Living are one-to-one, including hands-on training in areas such as: budgeting, housing, education, communications, socialization, self-care, nutrition, meal planning, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills.

Since its inception in 1998, Successful Living has been building better lives for clients who are affected by mental illness. Our devoted staff and resources support the mental health recovery of clients, improve their lives and those of their families and communities. Successful Living is tireless in its efforts to provide access to services and treatments for its clients, and supports their recovery in powerful and compassionate ways as they work toward life goals, individual and shared.

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The MISSION of Successful Living is to provide professional, compassionate staff to assist individuals with making informed choices about their lives, allowing them to live as they choose.

Our VISION of recovery for our clients is that they integrate into the community—making contributions, having friends, being involved—to the best of their abilities.